Thursday, November 3, 2011


Irmgard from Germany sent me this lovely picture of the set featured in the last post (I know I know, I promised an Australian set - you'll have to wait again for that one!).
We have had bad news regarding our shipping. It is still at the depot near Truro, accruing storage fees. All because the company paying for it has messed around and has failed to realise what an enormous headache this is for us. Even when it all gets on a boat, that takes 6 weeks and then it has to clear customs in Perth. If it makes it to Perth before Christmas, you can garantee it will be held up due to the Christmas break. So our new house is looking a little empty and will do for some time. What a pain. Well, at least we have some fantastic friends here who are all planning a big Christmas celebration. We'll be having breakfast at Graham's, starters at Julia's, main course at Bill and Em's, pudding at ours and then borrowing Jen's pool in the afternoon. So all I have to worry about is dessert, which is good considering my lack of good utensils!
Can't believe I'm talking about Christmas already!

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