Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the other side of the world...

Well, we've been in Kalgoorlie, western Australia for 11 days now. I started work last Tuesday which hasn't given me much time to sort general life stuff out so things will take a while to settle down. We are currently in temporary accommodation in a fully serviced unit for 4 weeks, until we find a place to rent. Which is not easy. The rental market is very tight here so I have to be on the ball investigating each property that comes onto the market. Thanks to Andy's new interest in motorbikes and a Suzuki in the crate on its way, we need to find somewhere with a secure garage or shed which adds another dimension to the search. Actually it probably would be fairly easy if it weren't for that. The biggest demand seems to be for family homes and I don't want anything too big as I invariably end up making a mess - the bigger the house the bigger the mess!
At the weekend I did manage to finish a tack order, believe it or not. I had pre-cut and dyed the parts for a classic scale bridle to go with the brown saddle from the last post. So since nothing here happens on a Sunday I was able to get on with that and finish it. The whole set will be jetting off to Germany at the weekend. It is pictured above on my Equorum Norman Cob, known as Rowanoak. Poor Rowanoak missed the boat and had to be packed in my very full suitcase. Good job she's slightly bendy and not a resin! For those of you that are interested she has a customised neck and alpaca mane and tail, which is beautifully soft.
I didn't get a chance to finish the Australian set. More on that in the next post.