Friday, February 24, 2012

Website Updated

The website has had a page updated, yey!

Specifically the commissions page has been updated with details of all my outstanding orders. Given my 3 week holiday in May I am hoping to get all of these done by the end of June. I think that is an attainable target given my historical pace!

The crupper I have owed someone for years now, and feel incredibly guilty about letting this little one eternally slip away. It's only a crupper! So that one is definitely first on the list and in theory will only take half an hour. Then I owe a couple of artists some tack sets in exchange for copies of their sculptures which I have in hand now. I'm going to really enjoy the Roundabout set and ambitiously might try to make 2 at the same time. The Australian set was half finished (see previous posts) but I'm having to start again on that one. And the bridles will slot in somewhere. I will actually start by making all the required trees at once. So one hunt tree, two classic Roundabout trees and an Australian tree. I'm going to set aside some time this Sunday to work on those.

The last three slots there have been booked in the last week. The boots shouldn't take long, the Western set will probably take the whole of June, and the Vaquero set is something I've been meaning to make for myself for the last year. I have the horse and the doll, so no excuses!

I will also be taking on orders for Equorum tack. This doesn't take too long to make and isn't as intense as my normal work, so provides a welcome change from detail detail detail!