Sunday, March 18, 2012

A very late crupper!

Poor Angela has been waiting for a crupper from me for about 2 years now. She kindly fixed up two of my models painted by her after they suffered from an attack from some bubblewrap the last time I lived in Australia. In return she asked for a crupper to match the endurance set I made for her a year or so previously.

I have no decent explanation of why it has taken me so long to make this small item, probably two more international moves had something to do with it coupled with my forgetfulness! Anyway last week to kick off my tack making in 2012 I did it! In fact I did it twice. The first one I made from some lace but it tore so easily when I tried to do up the buckles. So I took the hardware from that one and re-used it with some hand-cut leather strips. I often find this with lace - it is very dry compared to hide leather and is often much stiffer. Anyway here it is, not much but it will complete the set. I'm also going to make Angela an additional bridle to try and make up for it!

I have also made some good progress this weekend on my saddle orders. All 4 trees are now complete and this afternoon I'll cover them with leather. Then it's a case of cutting, dying and finishing all the flaps and skirts. I think I'm on track to get all these sets, plus three more bridles, by mid-May when I'm off to California, Nevada and Utah for a much needed holiday!