Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic fever!

Things have been very quiet on here, I do apologise!

But I have been somewhat distracted by the amazing pictures from the London Olympics. I've mainly been watching the equestrian events and these have been interspersed with athletics, tennis, rowing and hockey. I am a hockey player so feel I should be watching that! I have been blown away by the success of Great Britain in everything but especially the equestrian events. Golds in the team Show Jumping and Dressage are outstanding achievements for a nation that traditionally has never been classed as one of the big guns in these events. Moment of beaming pride now over!

The pic is of Zara Phillips (not taken by me!) knocking a pole during the 3-day-event. I just love the jump, hoping at some point to re-create it so I've added it to my long list of projects.